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7 Steps to prepare yourself for success

#1 Make your bed

It’s the first small task in the morning that you can accomplish. It will make you feel good to know that you start the day productive and it’s always nice to have your bed made-up when you go to bed at night 😀

#2 Work out

Feeling good starts with taking care of yourself so get your body in-shape your mind will follow. I work out at least half an hour every morning before my kids wake-up. It will make you feel so in control 💪 Oh and by the way my favorite work-out song is "walking with elephants" from "Ten Walls" Be sure to check it out, It's such a cool song to start your day ;)

#3 Eat Healthy

Start your day with a healthy breakfast and eat healthy during the rest of the day. I try to avoid all processed foods and eat as little as possible carbohydrates. You will be surprised at the influence this change will have on your energy level.

#4 Family first

As a parent, don’t kill yourself by being too judgemental towards yourself. There are no perfect parents *FULL STOP*

Don’t feel guilty if you give your work too much attention, try to find the balance that works for you, your business and your family. I tried to solve this issue by building my professional life around my family life. I'm not claiming that I have found the perfect solution. Of cours, I'm consumed by guilt when my kids ask me for attention and I have to reply 'mommy needs to work' whilst focusing on my laptop screen. But at the same time I teach them that if you want to achieve something in life you'll have to work for it and be an independent and strong woman in order to break through barriers. And when I do give them the attention they deserve, they get my fullest attention.

#5 To-do’s a day

Make a to-do list of at least 3 things that you want to achieve a day. Reflect on these goals at the end of your workday. Did you check your to-do list of? If so: yeaah! If not: why not? What can you do better or improve to accomplish them tomorrow?

#6 Focus

Keep focus. Now where you are heading at on a longer term. Work towards the goals you want the reach. Make your goals SMART. Test, evaluate and redefine if necessary.

#7 Sleep

Get at least 7hours of sleep per night. Give your brain and body the necessary time to recover at night so you can wake-up energized and ready to conquer!

And remember 👇

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